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Does the Paperwork Reduction Act apply to collections.....?

...which are voluntary in nature?

...which do not involve any forms (paper)?

...which are conducted over the telephone?

...performed as a part of a focus group or roundtable?

...where only one question is asked?

...which will only be conducted one time?

...which are part of a pilot project or program?

...which is the result of an Executive Order or Statute?

...which are customer satisfaction surveys (paper or web-based)?


The Paperwork Reduction Act is a law and must be complied with regardless of the origin, mode, or reason for the collection.  In accordance with the PRA, OMB approval must be obtained prior to collecting information in any situation (whether voluntary, mandatory, or required to obtain or retain benefits) where 10 or more respondents are involved and the questions are standardized in nature.