Winter Safety Alert - Underground Coal Mines

Examinations are your first line of defense

  • Check for methane, check methane monitors
  • Check ventilation controls
  • Check permissibility
  • Clean up accumulations of combustible material
  • Check water sprays and cutting bits on the
    continuous mining machine


  • Know your ventilation plan: sufficient to dilute and render harmless explosive, noxious gases, dusts and fumes
  • Maintain ventilation controls
  • Maintain bleeders free of roof falls and water

Rock Dust

  • Keep bleeder entries well rock dusted
  • Use mechanical means to regularly apply rock dust in inaccessible worked-out areas
  • Maintain 80% rock dust in all areas
  • Rock dust within 40 feet of faces
  • Rock dust downwind of mining
  • Continuously rock dust longwall tailgate and immediate return