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Fatality Alert - Fatality #15 - September 15, 2009

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METAL/NONMETAL MINE FATALITY - On September 15, 2009, a 59 year-old delivery driver with 14 years of experience was fatally injured at a sand and gravel operation. She parked off mine property and walked on site to deliver a package. The victim walked behind a front-end loader that backed over her. 

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Best Practices: 
  • Establish a visitor control policy that includes signs directing visitors to a safe location.
  • Train delivery persons to recognize work place hazards they could be exposed to while at the mine.
  • Always make sure equipment operators see you before entering any area where mobile equipment is operated. If possible, make eye contact with the equipment operator. When moving to a different area, inform the equipment operator before leaving the area.
  • Before moving mobile equipment, look in the direction of travel, use all mirrors, cameras, and installed proximity detection devices to ensure no one is in the intended path.
  • Ensure that all persons are clear before moving equipment. Sound your horn to warn unseen persons that you are about to move and wait a few moments to give them time to get to a safe location.
  • Ensure that backup alarms on mobile equipment are maintained and operational.
Additional Information: 

This is the 15th fatality reported in calendar year 2009 in the metal and nonmetal mining industries. As of this date in 2008, there were 16 fatalities reported in these industries. This is the 4th Powered Haulage fatality in 2009. There were 3 Powered Haulage fatalities in the same period in 2008.