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Preliminary Report - Fatality #20 - December 14, 2012

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At the start of Mr. Key's evening shift, he arrived at the rock truck parking lot and made his walk-around pre-operational inspection of the Komatsu HD-785 rock truck. While attempting to ascend the ladder, his foot slipped off the rung and he fell to the ground landing on both feet. Management was called to the accident scene and determined an ambulance was needed. The ambulance arrived and transported Mr. Key to Baptist Medical Center-Walker in Jasper, Alabama.

Reason for Amendment: Mr. Key arrived at Baptist Medical Center-Walker on 12/14/2012, at 15:30 and was transferred to U.A.B. Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama by ambulance on 12/15/2012, at 02:30. Mr. Key later died of injuries sustained from a fall from the rock truck.