Preliminary Report - Fatality #20 - November 23, 2013

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On November 23, 2013, at approximately 4:00 p.m., a longwall shieldman with was struck by a high pressure hydraulic hose or hydraulic fluid resulting in a fatality. The accident occurred near the 144 shield on the 2 West Longwall Section. The shearer was mining towards the head and as the No. 144 shield advanced, a hydraulic hose extending from the panline to a shield control unit got caught between the pontoon and the mine floor. The victim actuated the pan line push from a shield control unit and stepped over the hydraulic hose. As the panline pushed forward, it severed the hydraulic hose. A portion of the hose was caught beneath the pontoon with a 23 inch section stick out from beneath the pontoon. The end of the hose nearest the panline broke at the fitting where it was connected to the valve bank. The valve bank discharged hydraulic fluid at a high pressure, striking the victim causing fatal injuries. A miner trainee actuated the emergency stop on the longwall face and notified the headgate operator who called for emergency medical technicians (EMT's). The EMT's did not detect vital signs when they attended to the victim. The victim was transported by ambulance to Barnesville General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.