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Fatality Alert - Fatality #18 - August 25, 2014

Accident Report: Fatality Reference

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METAL/NONMETAL MINE FATALITY - On August 25, 2014, a 54-year-old truck driver with 1 year of experience was killed at a limestone mine.  The victim went to a storage building to get some wooden planks.  He climbed a stack of loaded pallets to get to the planks that were near the rafters and fell approximately 8 feet to the ground below.  The next day two coworkers arrived at the mine and found the victim at approximately 6:05 a.m.

A stack of loaded pallets

Best Practices

  • Establish and discuss safe work procedures before beginning work. Identify and control all hazards associated with the work to be performed and use methods to properly protect persons.
  • Ensure that persons are trained, including task-training, to understand the hazards associated with the work being performed.
  • Develop a plan to store supplies and other items in an accessible way to ensure ease of retrieval and transportation.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and any hazards that may be present. 
  • Provide and maintain a safe means of access to all working places.  Always work from a stable position.
  • Do not assign a person to work alone in areas where hazardous conditions exist that would endanger his or her safety.
  • Account for all persons at the end of each shift. 

Additional Information

This is the 18th fatality reported in calendar year 2014 in metal and nonmetal mining.  As of this date in 2013, there were 10 fatalities reported in metal and nonmetal mining.  This is the 3rd Fall of Person fatality in 2014.  There were 0 Fall of Person fatalities in the same period in 2013.