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Fatality Alert - Fatality #15 - August 3, 2015

Accident Report: Fatality Reference

PDF Version

fab-m15.pdf (210.38 KB)

METAL/NONMETAL MINE FATALITY – On August 3, 2015, an 18-year old truck driver (seasonal associate) with 9 weeks experience was killed at a granite mine. The victim backed his truck under a conveyor belt to be loaded. After exiting the truck, the victim entered a door leading underneath the “sand fines silo.” Soon after entering the silo, the structure collapsed burying the victim beneath the falling material.

A sand silo that is cut on one side spilling debris

Best Practices

  • Routinely examine metal structures for indications of weakened structural soundness (corrosion, fatigue cracks, bent/buckling beams, braces or columns, loose/missing connectors, broken welds, spills of stored solids, etc.).
  • Periodic detailed inspections should be performed which examine hopper and wall thicknesses, critical connections such as the hopper to the wall, and the material flow conditions. Both the inside and outside of the structure should be evaluated.
  • Report any changes in the discharge flow pattern which may be a result of an internal obstruction that causes non-uniform pressures on the silo structure.
  • Report all areas where indications of structural weakness are found.
  • Schedule inspections of the silo’s interior surface only when all material has been removed to determine if it has become polished and worn from use.

Additional Information

This is the 15th fatality reported in calendar year 2015 in metal and nonmetal mining. As of this date in 2014, there were 19 fatalities reported in metal and nonmetal mining. This is the 4th Falling or Sliding Material fatality in 2015. There were 3 Falling or Sliding Materials fatalities in the same period in 2014.