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October 18, 2019 Fatality - Fatality Alert

Accident Report: Fatality Reference

MINE FATALITY – A miner was repairing a personnel carrier while standing between a rib and the carrier. A section of the adjacent rib corner, weighing approximately 1,250 pounds, fell on the miner causing severe injuries. The miner died 16 days later.

A miner was repairing a personnel carrier while standing between a rib and the carrier.

Best Practices

  1. Make roof control plans that contain safety requirements. Rib support may be necessary when the mining height increases, when rock partings are present in the rib, or when encountering deeper cover.
  2. Mine operators must control roof and rib conditions. Plans should include provisions requiring that mine operators recognize adverse or changing roof and rib conditions.
  3. Be aware of potential hazards when working or traveling near mine ribs, especially when geologic conditions could cause rib hazards.
  4. Pay attention to deteriorating roof and rib conditions when working in, or traveling through, older areas of mines.
  5. Avoid areas of close clearance between ribs and equipment.
  6. Train all miners to conduct thorough examinations of the roof, face and ribs where miners will be working and traveling.
  7. Conduct frequent examinations in areas where mine conditions change.
  8. Correct all hazardous conditions before allowing miners to work or travel near them.
  9. Adequately support loose ribs or scale loose rib material from a safe location using a bar of suitable length and design.
  10. Install rib bolts on cycle, with adequate surface coverage, and in a consistent pattern.

Additional Information

This is the 26th fatality reported in 2019, and the third fatality classified as “Fall of Face, Rib, Pillar or Highwall.”