MNM Serious Accident Alert Surface - Gold

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Surface - Gold – On 10/22/2018, a contract employee fell 20 feet during the installation of a building roof at the mine. The employee landed on a concrete floor and was seriously injured.  Investigators found the cable in the self-retracting device (SRD) the employee was using had broken near the load-end clip.  The investigation determined that the SRD was used incorrectly.  The device is designed to be used overhead with 0 degrees of swing fall, as stated on the label.  However, at the time of the accident, the SRD was anchored so that there was 90 degrees of swing fall.

MNM Serious accident alert surface gold
Best Practices: 
  • Use fall protection devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Ensure that a safe means of access to a working place is provided.  Train miners on how to safely access all work areas.
  • Inspect fall protection devices according to the manufacturer’s recommendations prior to each use, and replace when defects or wear is evident.
  • Protect openings near travel ways and work areas through which persons may fall by installing appropriately designed railings, barriers, or covers.
  • Always use the right tools for the task being performed.