Petitions for Modification

A petition for modification is a request to modify the requirements of an existing MSHA safety standard to achieve the purpose of the standard by means different than those required by the standard. 

Title 30 of the Code of Federal Regulations under Part 44 sets forth MSHA's conditions for requesting a petition for modification.  MSHA will grant a petition for modification if the agency determines that the requested alternative provides miners at least the same level of protection as the existing standard.


Final Decisions Rendered

Currently the petitions database is under construction, MSHA web team is working diligently to upload the remaining content as soon as possible.

title petitionType nid
Petition - Docket No. M-2007-021-C Petition Granted 230193
Petition - Docket No. M-2007-023-C Petition Granted 230195
Petition - Docket No. M-2007-024-C Petition Granted 230196
Petition - Docket No. M-2007-025-C Petition Granted 230197
Petition - Docket No. M-2007-036-C Petition Granted 230202
Petition - Docket No. M-2008-005-M Petition Dismissed 230231
Petition - FR Doc. E7-16022 Petition Notice 230293
Petition - FR Doc. E7-18367 Petition Granted 230294
Petition - Docket No. 2006-057-C Petition Revoked 232439
Petition - Docket No. 2006-059-C Petition Revoked 232440