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MSHA Training Videos

Mine Emergency Operations Mobile Communications System
A walk through one of the MSHA mobile communications system vehicles.

MEO Mobile Command Center
A walk through of MSHA’s eastern command center vehicle.

MSHA Mine Rescue Robot
A brief overview of the capabilities of the MSHA mine rescue robot.

Coal Dust Explosions
Learn what causes explosions and fires, and how to prevent them using available tools and technology.

Preventing Powered Haulage Accidents at Surface Mines
Stay safe with these best practices.

Introduction to Powered Haulage Safety
Learn about powered haulage equipment used at mines and why safe operation is so important.

Conveyor Safety at Surface Mines
Learn the hazards of conveyor systems and how to stay safe.

Hidden Danger: Safety Improvements for Surge
Pushing coal on a surge pile is among the most dangerous jobs at a prep plant. Tips to stay safe.

Hearing Conservation, MSHA's Part 62
Top hearing protection devices and proper ways to wear them.

Workplace Examinations
Hazards to look for during a typical workplace examination.

Visibility and Communications: Off-Road and Highway Trucks
Night driving, blind spots, poor weather conditions, road design, and traffic controls.

Brakes, Grades and Runaways - Highway Trucks
Principles of haul road design and maintenance, braking system maintenance, and ways to handle highway truck runaways.

Safety On or Near Water
Learn the hazards of working on or near the water and precautions to protect workers.

Highway Haulage Truck Inspection by MSHA Inspectors
Follow an MSHA inspector through the examination of a highway haulage truck.

Fall Protection: Your Lifeline to Safety
Common types of fall protection and what’s required under mining regulations.

Slam for Life MSHA Risk Assessment
Prevent injuries from lifting; slips, trips, and falls; and mounting and dismounting equipment.

MSHA Traffic Control at Surface Mines Spanish
Stay safe with these best practices on traffic control.