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Safety Program for Surface Mobile Equipment

MSHA proposes to require that mine operators employing six or more miners develop a written safety program for mobile equipment and powered haulage equipment (except belt conveyors) used at surface mines and surface areas of underground mines.  The written safety program would include actions mine operators would take to identify hazards and risks to reduce accidents, injuries, and fatalities related to surface mobile equipment.  Under this proposal, mine operators would flexibility to develop and implement a written safety program that would work best for their mining conditions and operations. 

MSHA encourages mine operators with five or fewer miners to mitigate surface mobile equipment hazards at their mines to the greatest extent possible.

MSHA would provide assistance in the development and improvement of safety programs for mines employing five or fewer miners.  Also, MSHA would encourage state grantees to focus on providing training to address hazards and risks involving surface mobile equipment in small mining operators.

This is one of several actions MSHA has taken to reduce fatal and nonfatal injuries involving surface mobile equipment used at mines and to improve miner safety and health.

The comment period closed on November 8, 2021; however, in response to a public request, MSHA reopened the rulemaking record for public comments and held a virtual public hearing on January 11, 2022.  The transcript of the public hearing is available under QUICK LINKS on the right.  The extended comment period closed on February 11, 2022.  For more information about the hearing and extension of comment period, please click here.