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Preventive Roof/Rib Outreach Program

ARLINGTON, Va. – Improvements in roof control technology in underground coal mines have significantly reduced accidents involving roof and rib falls or coal bursts, but such accidents remain a leading cause of injuries, reports the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration. 

Summer 2018 Resources

2018 Prop Poster 1: Examine pillars from all sides
2018 Prop Poster 2: Check a supported roof
2018 Prop Poster 3: Look for changes in overhanging brows
2018 Prop Poster 4: Be vigilant in high areas like overcasts or construction sites
2018 Prop Best Practices

Summer 2017 Resources

2017 Outreach Program Poster 1
2017 Outreach Program Poster 2
2017 PROP Material Distribution
2017 PROP Memo 

Summer 2016 Resources

2016 PROP Problems & Solutions
2016 PROP Sticker
2016 PROP Talking Points