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Mine Safety and Health Enforcement

MSHA works to prevent fatalities, illness, and injury from mining and secure safe and healthful workplaces for America’s miners. Mine Safety and Health Enforcement is responsible for performing the Agency’s enforcement activities including:

  • Conducting inspections, including mandatory quarterlyand semiannual inspections ofmines and facilities.
  • Issuing citations and orders for any observed violations.
  • Issuing a withdrawal order, removing equipment from service, and/or withdrawing miners in cases of imminent danger.
  • Conducting health sampling of respirable dust and noise exposure at mines, as well as monitoring toxic materials and harmful physical agents.
  • Investigating fatal and serious nonfatal accidents.
  • Investigating complaints of hazardous conditions reported by miners.
  • Investigating criminal violations.
  • Examining complaints of discrimination reported by miners.
  • Conducting safety and health conferences with mine operators on violations.
  • Approving required roof control, ventilation, emergency response, and training plans.
  • Reviewing mine operators’ mining plans and education and training programs for miners
  • Directing various mine safety and health assistance programs.
  • Training and certifying instructors.
  • Developing improved safety and health standards.



Key Contacts
Contact Email Phone
Brian Goepfert    
Administrator 202-693-9600
Timothy Watkins     
Deputy Administrator 202-693-9600
Robert "Tony" Simms     
Deputy Administrator for Regional Operations 270-245-3731
Dustan Crelly    
Deputy Administrator for Regional Operations 303-231-5675
Jordan Fitzgerald   
Special Assistant 202-693-9706
Marcus Smith     
Accident Investigations Division 202-693-9547
Rodney Adamson    
Chief of Safety 202-693-9549
Christopher Findlay    
Acting Chief of Health 202-693-9710
Gail Stewart    
Management Officer 202-693-9600
Map of enforcemment District offices

Robert "Tony" Simms (Deputy Administrator for Regional Operations)

Dustan Crelly (Deputy Administrator for Regional Operations)