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Mine Safety and Health Materials

MSHA offers a variety of materials to assist trainers and mine operators in promoting a safe and healthy environment at U.S. mines. Use the search column or scroll through the most recent listings below to find materials for safety talks and trainings at your mine.

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  • Best Practice (BP)/Health Hazard (HH) Card Series Posted 6/3/2022

    MSHA has developed an extensive set of pocket cards with safety and health in mind, formatted to be easily printed, carried, and shared.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 9/28/2021

    From January 2017 to August 2021, the coal mining industry experienced 1,967 roof and rib accidents.  Of these, there were 9 fatal accidents and 570 lost time accidents; 83% of these accidents were

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 9/28/2021
  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 7/12/2021

    Stop Powered Haulage Accidents: Stay Alert!  Stay Alive!

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 7/12/2021

    Miners continue to die in rollover accidents.

    Fatalities occurred when vehicles flipped over backwards, rolled over, and tipped over on their sides.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 12/9/2020

    Electronic Detonators are NOT the same as Electric Detonators

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 10/19/2020

    Between 2017 and 2020, three miners were fatally injured after entering confined spaces to clear material and obstructions.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 9/3/2020

    Lock-Out, Tag-Out, Try-Out, and Block Against Motion Before Working.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 6/26/2020

    Recent Increase in Fall of Person Accidents

    28 miners have died after falling from heights over the last 10 years.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 4/16/2020

    On March 5, 2020, an operator was using a Caterpillar D8T bulldozer on a coal surge pile near a load-out feeder location when the surge pile collapsed, engulfing the bulldozer and trapping the oper