Mine Safety and Health Materials

MSHA offers a variety of materials to assist trainers and mine operators in promoting a safe and healthy environment at U.S. mines. Use the search column or scroll through the most recent listings below to find materials for safety talks and trainings at your mine.

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  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 5/10/2018

    Surface – Limestone – On April 5, 2018, a concrete pumper truck made contact with a 13.2 KV overhead powerline.   The powerline broke and fell on the cab of a tractor trailer truck

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 5/3/2018

    Surface – Slope Failure –  On April 18, 2018, a front-end loader operator observed that a portion of the "dirt dump" or refuse pile located on the top rim of the quarry had sloughe

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 4/26/2018

    Surface – Sand A tire contractor was seriously injured when the front-end loader he was repairing fell on him.  The front-end loader had been lifted and placed on cribbing

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 4/14/2018

    Surface – Sand and Gravel – On April 14, 2018, an excavator operator was trapped in the cab for several minutes after material from a bank fell engulfing the excavator.

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 4/12/2018

    Surface – Limestone – On March 26, 2018, a miner received a serious head injury when he fell 7.5 feet from the jaw crusher work platform.  The miner was in the process of removing

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 4/5/2018

    Underground – Sandstone– On March 24, 2018, two miners were using a man-lift to charge (load) blast holes with non-electric blasting caps, 8-grain boosters and ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) blas

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 4/4/2018

    Since January 26, 2017, there have been four miners fatally injured when performing work around conveyor belts in underground coal mines.

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 3/29/2018

    Surface – Sand and Gravel – On 3/13/2018, a front end loader operator was constructing an embankment to detour material away from the water supply.

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 3/22/2018

    Surface – Stone On March 7, 2018, a welder was installing a caged ladder on a screening deck when the ladder suddenly fell, striking his hard hat.

  • Close Call / Serious Accident Posted 3/16/2018

    Plant – Limestone – On 2/01/2018, the victim was cleaning up spillage near the dryer when his gloved right hand was pulled into the reciprocating feeder.  He received serious injur