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Mine Safety and Health Materials

MSHA offers a variety of materials to assist trainers and mine operators in promoting a safe and healthy environment at U.S. mines. Use the search column or scroll through the most recent listings below to find materials for safety talks and trainings at your mine.

This database is under development and being expanded. Please help us improve by sending suggestions to zzmshawebmaster@dol.gov.

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  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 3/24/2017

    Surface – Sand – A tractor trailer contacted an overhead ground wire after dumping a load of gravel. The contacted wire in turn pulled and snapped a ground wire on an adjacent power pole.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 3/16/2017

    Surface – Sand – A loaded haul truck collided with a pickup, when the pickup truck operator attempted to turn around on the haul road after missing the turn off.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 2/22/2017

    Plant – Cement – More than 600 feet of a metal canopy structure collapsed unexpectedly at a cement plant operation, injuring three miners.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 2/8/2017

    Plant – Cement – The operator was driving a water truck back to the plant from the quarry when he reached for the CB radio to change to a different channel used by haul trucks when on mine property

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 2/1/2017

    Plant – Iron Ore – On September 6, 2016, the supports for a conveyor gallery failed while a cleaning crew was washing/removing spillage from the walkways inside the gallery.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 1/19/2017

    Plant – Cement – A miner was assigned the task of tightening pre-heater spandrel panel bolts when he lost his footing and fell.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 1/18/2017

    A front end loader operator was loading sand into the feed hopper.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 1/12/2017

    Surface Open Pit Copper – An electrician was replacing a blown fuse by hand.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 1/4/2017

    Surface – Iron Ore - A mechanic was working on a Cushman utility vehicle due to an intermittent propel issue.

  • Safety / Health Alerts Posted 12/18/2016

    Plant - Clay - A miner was trying to determine why clay was not flowing properly by examining a chute that discharged into a screw conveyor.