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Portland Cement Association

Alliance signed: November 20, 2008
Renewed: October 16, 2012
Renewed again: August 17, 2016
Renewed again: November 15, 2018
Renewed again: December 17, 2019
Renewed again: July 14, 2022

Under their ongoing Alliance Agreement, MSHA and the Portland Cement Association work together to achieve the following education and training goals to improve worker health and safety:

  • Provide information, education and training, and technical assistance to raise safety and health awareness within the cement manufacturing industry, and to help prevent injuries and illnesses and protect worker safety and health;
  • Conduct annual summary analyses of incidence rates for U.S. cement plants,and perform worker injury and illness case studies to identify hazardous safety and health conditions and practices;
  • Develop education and training programs for operator and contractor employees working in cement manufacturing plants and quarries; and
  • Develop and share best practices and effective approaches to improve operator and contractor safety and health in cement manufacturing plants and quarries.

MSHA and PCA also strive to achieve the following outreach and communications goals:

  • Develop and disseminate information on worker safety and health issues at conferences, events or through print and electronic media, including links from MSHA's and PCA's websites;
  • Proactively address worker safety and health issues by speaking, exhibiting, presenting at conferences, meetings and other events;
  • Raise awareness and demonstrate commitment to worker safety and health whenever MSHA or PCA leaders address groups;
  • Convene or participate in forums, round table discussions, or stakeholder meetings to forge innovative solutions to worker health and safety issues; and
  • Publicize the results of worker injury and illness case studies through print, electronic media, promotion at conferences, or other means of outreach.