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Academy Organization

The National Mine Health and Safety Academy is organized based on the functions each group serves. Each of the five major units of the Academy, along with the Office of the Superintendent, work together to support one another while working toward the organization's goals. Read more about the organizational units below. 

Office of the Superintendent 

The Office of the Superintendent manages and directs Academy operations. 

It also coordinates all training programs and oversees printing, reproduction, warehousing, and distribution of Academy-produced training products and MSHA informational materials in print and electronic formats. 

The current Acting Superintendent of the National Mine Health and Safety Academy is Lincoln Selfe. 

Facilities Maintenance Branch 

The Facilities Management Branch handles budget and procurement, maintains the Academy’s physical plant, administers contracts, food service, and provides audiovisual support and assistance for instructional activities and programs throughout the Academy.   

Department of Instructional Services 

The Department of Instructional Services manages activities and resources in multiple areas. 

Academy Instructors within Instructional Services are organized into two Workgroups responsible for developing and teaching technical mine health and safety classes for students from MSHA and throughout the mining community and oversee the on-the-job training program for newly hired Federal mine inspectors. The Workgroups also train students from MSHA and the mining industry on diverse subjects such as safety management, inspection procedures, and citations and orders. Other classes developed and presented include computer training for MSHA inspectors and Agency clerical and administrative staff. 

The Department plans, schedules, and evaluates instructional programs, workshops, conferences, and seminars for MSHA and the mining industry, and prepares student progress records. It also plans, schedules, and coordinates activities conducted in the Mine Simulation Laboratory. 

The Academy’s Student Services Branch is part of the Department of Instructional Services and operates the Academy’s residence hall. Student Services coordinates an array of functions including facility scheduling, student recordkeeping, contract administration, student enrollment, and security.  

The Academy’s Technical Information Center and Library is also part of the Department of Instructional Services. The library affords Academy students and clients immediate and easy access to current worldwide sources of information on mine health and safety topics and issues. 

Department of Instructional Materials 

The Department of Instructional Materials manages activities and resources in four areas. 

The Audiovisual Production branch researches, prepares, and produces material to support MSHA initiatives and health and safety training programs. The Graphics branch prepares and produces graphic items in different formats to enhance and support Agency initiatives and training. 

The Course Development branch researches and prepares training materials and informational publications for use by MSHA and the mining industry. This group also works to develop and teach courses and programs for MSHA and industry. The Distance Learning branch develops, implements, and supports online training and materials development for all sections of the Academy and MSHA.