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Academy Training Information

Our Training Programs and Facilities 

The Academy offers training on a multitude of mine safety and health topics, including: 

  • Safety and health inspection procedures 
  • Accident prevention 
  • Investigations 
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Mine emergency procedures
  • Technology
  • Management techniques

Besides providing classroom instruction, the Mine Academy staff produces DVDs, films, publications, and a wide variety of technical materials and training products. The Mine Academy also provides field training and serves as a technical resource to help meet the mining community's safety and health instructional needs. The Technical Information Center and Library provides the mining community and safety and health professionals with comprehensive and integrated information services.

In-person courses are held regularly at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy and can also be scheduled at your worksite upon request. Our online courses can be integrated into your own training programs. Please feel free to get in touch at with any questions or comments about our training programs and courses.

The Mine Academy's physical plant has classrooms, simulated mines, laboratories that can accommodate up to 600 students, a large auditorium, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, and a residence hall with dormitory space for over 174 persons.

*Many more training topics and programs are available. For more information, please review the Course Catalog, or contact the Academy.