Historical Key Indicator Charts

Mine Safety and Health at a Glance: Calendar Year

Updated biannually, this fact sheet is a summary of key mine safety and health statistics including fatality and injury totals, inspection hours, citations and orders issued, dollar amount assessed, and other basic statistics.

Historical At A Glance CY 1978-2017

Full historical data tables on the same At A Glance topics.

Historical by the Numbers CY 1978-2017

Full historical data tables that provide an overview of MSHA's enforcement and assessment activities, along with the mining industry's safety and health performance.

Mine Employment and Coal Production

Average number of mine employees, mine employee hours worked, and coal production from 1978 to 2015.

Top 20 Most Frequently Cited Standards by Mine Type

Find the most frequently cited standards by year, mine type, and industry group.

Fatality Statistics

View current and historical fatality statistics sorted by accident type, state, and year.

NIOSH Statistics

Access maps, graphs and tables summarizing a range of information about mines, employees, fatalities, and injuries.