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Administration and Management

The Directorate of Administration and Management (A&M) coordinates all Agency administrative and management services.  The Directorate oversees the Agency’s budget and finance processes; MSHA’s nationwide facilities; physical property, emergency preparedness and physical security; employee health and safety; Agency ethics, training, and records management; and grants.

A&M is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Key Contacts

Contact Email Phone
Li-Tai Bilbao
Bilbao.Litai@dol.gov 202-693-9727
Sylvia R. Henrickson
Deputy Director
Henrickson.Sylvia.R@dol.gov 202-693-9882
Luan Qorri
Budget and Finance Division
Qorri.Luan.N@dol.gov 202-693-9661
Darrell Blyden
Accounting Officer
Blyden.Darrell.B@dol.gov 202-693-9863
Rajesh Ramsay
Budget Officer
Ramsay.Rajesh.S@dol.gov 202-693-9755
Toni Eason
Office of Employee Safety and Health
Eason.Toni.A@dol.gov  202-693-9524
Enrique San
Management Services Division
San.Enrique@dol.gov 202-693-9800
Phil Akers
Management Services Division
Akers.Philip@dol.gov  304-256-3532
Cindy Williams
Facilities Support Services
Williams.Cindy.A@dol.gov 202-693-9820
Mohammad Asad
Property, Preparedness & Security Management
Asad.Mohammad@dol.gov 202-693-9752
Nancy Sloanhoffer 
Compliance Review Office
Sloanhoffer.Nancy.E@dol.gov 202-693-9880