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Administration and Management

The Directorate of Administration and Management (A&M) plans and directs all MSHA administrative and management services. This division serves as MSHA's authority on financial and human resource requirements, overseeing the Agency's budget process, directing human resource development programs, and managing all property management, acquisition, contractual, and grant-related transactions. A&M also oversees records management, ethics issues, and employee training. MSHA’s Office of Employee Safety and Health (OESH) falls under the management of A&M as well.

Key Contacts

Contact Email Phone
Eugene Hubbard
Office of the Director
Hubbard.Eugene.F@dol.gov (202) 693-9800
Kimberlee Proctor
Deputy Director
Proctor.Kimberlee@dol.gov (202) 693-9889
Patricia Justice
Budget and Finance Division
Justice.Patricia@dol.gov (202) 693-9817
Stephen Roby
Human Resources Division
Roby.Stephen@dol.gov (202) 693-9399
Delilah Lumho
Management Services Division
Lumho.Delilah@dol.gov (202) 693-9827
Charles Tiggs
Acquisitions Management Division
Tiggs.Charles@dol.gov (202) 693-9839
Darrilyn Cranney
Office of Employee Safety and Health
Cranney.Darrilyn@dol.gov (202) 693-9844