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Program Evaluation and Information Resources

The Directorate of Program Evaluation and Information Resources (PEIR) manages MSHA’s program evaluations, data processes, reporting, analytics, Mine Emergency Operations (MEO), and serves as the liaison between MSHA and DOL's Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) for MSHA's information technology (IT) program.

Program Evaluation and Information Resources (PEIR) is composed of four offices:

  • Office of the Director, PEIR
  • Office of Program Policy and Evaluation (OPPE)
  • Office of Injury and Employment Information (OIEI)
  • Mine Emergency Operations (MEO)

PEIR is the Agency's representative in coordinating IT issues with OCIO, leading the collaboration and communication of the Agency’s IT requirements. OPPE delivers analytical studies, performance data, and comprehensive data reports related to the mining industry. The office is also responsible for performing program evaluations and coordinating development of MSHA policy and procedure documents. OIEI collects, validates, and publishes the mining industry’s reporting of accident/ illness/injury and employment and coal production data. MEO provides IT support and satellite communications for mine emergencies and IT services for emergency deployments.

Key Contacts

Contact Email Phone
Syed Hafeez
Hafeez.Syed@dol.gov 202-683-9765
Deputy Director
Rebecca MacMillan
Special Assistant to the Director
Macmillan.Rebecca.l@dol.gov 202-693-9407
Jerlean Ross
Management Officer
Ross.Jerlean@dol.gov 202-693-9840
Marcel Lorincz
Lorincz.Marcel@dol.gov 202-693-9753