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Program Evaluation and Information Resources

Program Evaluation and Information Resources (PEIR) is composed of 4 major branches:

  • Information Security Office (ISO);
  • Information Technology Center (ITC);
  • Office of Program Policy and Evaluation (OPPE); and
  • Project Coordination Office (PCO). 

Collectively these branches are responsible to provide the following major services:

  • Maintaining an information security program that safeguards MSHA's information assets
  • Providing technology products and services;
  • Coordinating the development of Agency directives and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs); Conducting internal reviews and evaluations of MSHA’s programs; Serving as the IG and GAO liaisons; Collecting, analyzing and publishing MSHA and mining data
  • Portfolio and budget execution; and managing the Agency's Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Video teleconference (VTC) equipment. 

Most of PEIR programs operate from the National Headquarters located in Arlington, VA.  Other satellite operations are performed in Denver, CO and Beaver, WV.

Key Contacts

Contact Email Phone
Syed Hafeez
Office of the Director
Hafeez.Syed@dol.gov 202-683-9765
Reza Noorani
Deputy Director
Noorani.Reza@dol.gov 202-693-9636
Iftikhar Khan
Acting Information Security Officer
khan.iftikhar@dol.gov 202-693-9766
Project Coordination Officer
Mary Nettles, Chief
Application Management Division
Nettles.Mary@dol.gov 303-231-5494
Julie DeNiro, Chief
Government and Support
DeNiro.Julie@dol.gov 303-231-5873
Reza Noorani, Chief
Office Of Program Policy Evaluation
Noorani.Reza@dol.gov 202-693-9636
Sunil Bheemireddy, Chief
Data Management Branch
Bheemireddy.Sunil@dol.gov 303-231-5923