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Technical Support

The Directorate of Technical Support provides engineering, scientific, and technical expertise to other MSHA program areas.  Technical Support conducts in-mine studies to maintain the health and safety of miners, participates in accident investigations, and assists in mine emergency operations. The Directorate also tests equipment and materials for safe underground mining use, and issues approvals for equipment and products meeting established standards.

The Directorate of Technical Support is headquartered in Arlington, VA with operations carried out by two technology centers.

Technical Support Program Area Contact list
Contact Email Phone
Melanie D. Calhoun
Office of the Director
Calhoun.Melanie@dol.gov 202-693-9628
Melanie D. Calhoun
Deputy Director
Calhoun.Melanie@dol.gov 202-693-9628
Christine Mayhugh
Management Officer
Mayhugh.Christine@dol.gov 202-693-9609
George Gardner
Safety and Health Technology Center
Gardner.George@dol.gov 412-386-6276
Juliette Hill 
Approval and Certification Center
Hill.Juliette@dol.gov 304-547-2063