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Educational Policy and Development

The Directorate of Educational Policy and Development (EPD) plans, monitors, and evaluates MSHA’s education and training programs, which promote safety and health in the Nation's mining industry. The Directorate provides entry-level and journeyman training for MSHA’s enforcement staff, provides guidance on training programs and training activities to ensure consistency with existing Agency policy, and reviews all training materials developed in support of these activities. EPD also coordinates training programs with other Federal and State Agencies, mining companies, educational institutions, and labor organizations. The Directorate formulates and interprets MSHA training regulations and policy under 30 CFR Part 46 and 30 CFR Part 48.

The Directorate includes the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beaver, WV, which designs, develops and conducts instructional programs to help reduce accidents and health hazards in the mining industry. EPD also includes Educational Field and Small Mine Services, with staff in 31 states providing assistance in the development or improvement of the health and safety programs of mine operators and contractors in the mining community.

Other responsibilities include administration of the State Grants Program, which distributes funds to state agencies to supplement their mining health and safety programs as well as administration of other competitive grants (Brookwood-Sago Grants Program) targeting studies in mine health and safety. EPD’s Qualifications and Certification unit evaluates qualifications and issues certifications for instructors and miners. The Directorate is a major sponsor of the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association.

Educational Policy and Development is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Key Contacts
Contact Email Phone
Nancy Rooney 
Director 202-693-9570
Vicki Mullins
Acting Deputy Director 703-608-3013
Ursula Frazier 
Management Officer 202-693-9883
Lincoln Selfe 
National Mine Health and Safety Academy Superintendent 304-256-3231
Glen Poe 
Educational Field and Small Mine Services (EFSMS) Eastern Manager 720-471-7020
Eric Johnson 
Educational Field and Small Mine Services (EFSMS) Western Manager 303-524-4964
Kevin Burns 
Policy and Regulations Manager (202) 693-9594
Kerbi Jacobson 
Qualification & Certification 303-231-5473