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Final Report - Fatality #3 through #31 - April 5, 2010

Accident Report: Fatality Reference

Fatality Overview

Performance Coal Company
Upper Big Branch Mine-South
Massey Energy Company 
Mine ID: 46-08436

Fatal Underground Mine Explosion
April 5, 2010

Due to the extensive nature of this report, we have chosen to break it down into pieces. This should make viewing this report a bit easier. We are providing you with the report without the appendices included, the report with the appendices included, the appendices in one file, and the appendices as separate files. You may download any of these files.

Some of the following files are large and may take some time to download, depending on your connection speed. If you are experiencing problems in getting them to open, please right click on the link for the file and SAVE TARGET AS to your PC and then open the file.


Summary of Investigation

Mine Accident Scenario Video


  • Entire Set of Appendices (64.3 MB)
  • By Appendix
    • Appendix A - List of Deceased and Injured Miners
    • Appendix B - Map of the Mine
    • Appendix C - List of Massey's Corporate Structure and Employees
    • Appendix D - List of Personnel Who Exercised Their Fifth Amendment Rights
    • Appendix E - Mine Rescue Personnel and Teams Responding
    • Appendix F - UBB Boreholes
    • Appendix G - Accident Investigation Protocols
    • Appendix H - Post-Accident Mapping Team Map
    • Appendix I - PIL No. 110-V-8 Procedures for Copying Photographs
    • Appendix J - Mine Dust Results
    • Appendix K - Inspection History
    • Appendix L - Mine Map Showing Direction of Primary Forces and Mine Dust Sampling Areas
    • Appendix M - Seismic Events in Southern West Virginia
    • Appendix N - WVDEP Surface Blasting
    • Appendix O - Geochemistry of Natural Gas and Coalbed Methane
    • Appendix P - Reconstruction of Ventilation Map
    • Appendix Q - Petrographic Analyses
    • Appendix R - Water Supply System to the Longwall Shearer Dust Sprays
    • Appendix S - Sediment Analysis from Water Baskets and Spray Nozzels
    • Appendix T - Detailed Discussion of Elimination of Electrical Ignition Sources
    • Appendix U - Testing Results for All Equipment Tested at A&CC
      • Appendix U-1 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Remote Control Units
      • Appendix U-2 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Longwall Lighting System Components
      • Appendix U-3 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Electrohydraulic Shield Control Components
      • Appendix U-4 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Longwall Communication System Components
      • Appendix U-5 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Portable Methane and Multi-gas Detectors
      • Appendix U-6 - Executive Summary of the Investigation of Power Supply, Amplifier Battery, Tracking Tag, and Tag Reader Components Associated with Pyott-Boone Tracking Boss Tracker System and Minecom UHF Leaky Feeder System
      • Appendix U-7 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Koehler-Bright Star Model 5100 and 5200 Series Cap Lamps and Cap Lamp Components
      • Appendix U-8 - Executive Summary of the Investigation of Seven Power Air Purifying Respiratory (PAPR) Helmet Battery Assemblies and Pieces
      • Appendix U-9 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Low-Energy Non-Permissible Electrical Items (Watches and Calculators)
      • Appendix U-10 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Machine-Mounted Methane Monitors
      • Appendix U-11 - Executive Summary of Investigation of High-Energy Non-Permissible Electrical Items
      • Appendix U-12 - Executive Summary of Investigation of a Nelson-Kellerman Anemometer
      • Appendix U-13 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Portable Radios
      • Appendix U-14 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Pyott-Boone CO Monitors
      • Appendix U-15 - Executive Summary of Investigation of Programmable Logic Controller Components
    • Appendix V - Vaisala National Lightning Detection Report 258028
    • Appendix W - Mine Electrical System
    • Appendix X - Examination of Components of JOY Mining Machinery JNA Control System
    • Appendix Y - Executive Summary of Investigation of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
    • Appendix Z - Mine Map Showing Extent of Flame, Incombustible Content and Coke
    • Appendix AA - Results of Proximate Analysis Testing
    • Appendix AB - Rock Dust Crew Notebook
    • Appendix AC - Belt Examination Book (4/1/2010) - 4/5/2010)
    • Appendix AD - Belt Examination Book (3/16/2010 - 4/1/2010)
    • Appendix AE - Additional Information on UBB MMU's
    • Appendix AF - Methane and Dust Control - Safety Precautions from Ventilation Plan
    • Appendix AG - Specifications of Water Sprays
    • Appendix AH - Roof Control Plan - Headgate and Tailgate Support
    • Appendix AI - Stability Analysis of Gateroad Design
    • Appendix AJ - Operation of the Minecom UHF Leaky Feeder System, Pyott-Boone Tracking, and Pyott-Boone Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System
    • Appendix AK - Mine Emergency Evacuation
    • and Firefighting Plan
      • Appendix AL - Summary of Examination of Three Refuge Alternatives
      • Appendix AM - Examination and Testing of Self-Contained Selt-Rescuers (SCSRs)
      • Appendix AN - List of Personnel Assisting in the Investigation


• Review of MSHA's Actions at the Upper Big Branch Mine-South