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Diesel Exhaust Health Effects Partnership

The MSHA/NIOSH partnership provides a forum for the exchange of scientific findings on the health effects of diesel exhaust and for a review of approaches that may enhance control of diesel exhaust exposures to improve protections for miners in underground coal and metal and nonmetal mines.


The Charter was revised to address comments received at the Partnership meeting held on December 8, 2016. Additional comments on the Charter should be sent to


1st Meeting - December 8, 2016 - Washington, PA

Comments on the Minutes and List of Attendees should be sent to

Diesel Technology Workshop – January 23, 2019


Context Panel

Current Emissions/Control Technologies

Panel 1 - Engine Controls 

  • Moderator: Tim French, General Counsel, Truck & Engine Manufacturers Association

Panel 2 - Emission Reduction/Exposure Reduction

  • Moderator: Jeffrey Welsh, Acting Associate Director for Science, Spokane Mining Research Division, NIOSH

Panel 3 - Current Barriers to Deployment of Technologies

  • Moderator: Mark Ellis, President, Industrial Minerals Association – North America

Panel 4 - Strategies and Path Forward

  • Moderator: William Francart, Director, Directorate of Technical Support, MSHA

Diesel RFI Comment Summaries


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For questions or additional information, please contact S. Aromie Noe, Director, Office of Standards, Regulations and Variances at