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I am an independent contractor who is going to bid on a job at a surface mine site that will last approximately four months. What type of training do I need to provide to my employees?
I operate a small sand and gravel mine that has been closed for a year and a half. I would like to know if my training plan is still valid, and what type of training do I need to provide my employees before we commence work?
I worked as a miner about eight years ago and am thinking about going back to the mines. Am I still considered an "experienced miner"?
If a new rule isn't in the CFR, why isn't it? How can I get a copy?
If I'm assigned to respond to a FOIA request, do I have to keep track of the amount of time I spend on searching, copying, and reviewing the request?
If there is a charge, do I have to notify the requestors before beginning to process the request?
If we deny a request, in part or in whole, and the requestor appeals the decision, what do I need to do with the appeal?
In responding to a FOIA request, are there any MSHA records that I should not release?
Industrial Minerals Association - North America
Industry and MSHA Partnership Safety Material
Institute of Makers of Explosives
Instructor Materials
International Union of Operating Engineers
Is the PREA/REA published in the Federal Register?
Is the requester required to give a reason for a request?
Is there a PREA/REA for every MSHA rulemaking?
Is there any way to speed up the PRA clearance request process?