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S&S Calculator
Safety & Health Initiatives
Safety Alert: Best Practices for Blocking Against Motion
Safety Alert: Best Practices for Roof Collapse
Safety Alert: Mobile Loading and Haulage Equipment Emergency Escape
Safety Alert: Prevent Stockpile Accidents
Safety Alert: Proximity Detection System Installations, Maintenance and Checks
Safety Alert: Spring Forward For Dam Safety
Safety and Health
Safety and Health Initiatives
Safety and Health Materials
Safety and Training
Safety Program for Surface Mobile Equipment
Safety Topic: Conveyor Systems
Safety Topic: Development Mining Near Wells
Safety Topic: Impoundments and Dams
Safety Topic: Mobile Equipment at Surface Mines
Safety Topic: Seat Belt Usage
Safety Topics
SAMPLE Templates and Checklists
Scofflaw Program Reclaims $5.2 Million in Unpaid Mine Safety and Health Fines
Seasonal Safety Alert
Seasonal Safety Alert: Deadly October
Semiannual Regulatory Agenda and the Regulatory Plan
Silica Enforcement Initiative
SME Explanation
Sometimes I get requests and I don't understand exactly what is being sought. What do I do?
Speeches and Testimony
Spring Thaw Training Workshops
Stakeholder Meetings
Standards and Regulations
State Grant Participants
State Mining Agencies
Statement by Secretary Marty Walsh on the anniversary of the Upper Big Branch explosion
Statement by U.S. Secretary of Labor Acosta on National Miners Day
Stay Out - Stay Alive
Structural Failure Alert
Summary of Changes to Previous Regulations
Sunshine Mine Disaster: 50 Years Later
Support & Resources