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Materials Storage and Warehouse Safety Best Practices
May 17: Stand Down to Save Lives
MDRS is not available
Media Gallery
Memoranda of Understanding
Metal Nonmetal Close Call Accident Alert Underground - Dam Failure
Metal Nonmetal Serious Accident Alert Surface - Welding
Metal Nonmetal Serious Accident Alert Surface – Cement Kiln
Metal/Nonmetal Fatalities for 1900 through 2017
Mine Data
Mine Data Retrieval System
Mine Disaster Investigations Since 2000
Mine Disaster: 1968 Farmington Explosion Anniversary
Mine Employment and Coal Production
Mine Inspections
Mine Inspector Hiring Program
Mine Rescue Contest Gallery
Mine Rescue Contests
Mine Rescue Day is October 30
Mine Rescue Instruction Guides
Mine Rescue Training
Mine Safety & Health Deskbook
Mine Safety and Health At a Glance: Fiscal Year
Mine Safety’s Main reviews five years of progress at National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association meeting
Miner Health Matters
Miner Safety & Health Application
Miners' Rights and Responsibilities
Mines issued POV Notifications
MNM Serious Accident Alert Surface - Loader
Monthly Impact Inspection Results
MSHA and Interstate Mining Compact Commission sign memo to promote and protect miners
MSHA Announces $10.5 Million in State Grant Funding
MSHA announces results of April impact inspections
MSHA announces results of December impact inspections
MSHA announces results of February impact inspections
MSHA announces results of July impact inspections
MSHA announces results of June impact inspections
MSHA announces results of March impact inspections
MSHA announces results of May impact inspections
MSHA announces results of May impact inspections
MSHA announces results of November impact inspections
MSHA Announces Results of October Impact Inspections
MSHA announces results of special impact inspections at 17 mines in September
MSHA Assistant Secretary Chris Williamson Speech to United Mine Workers of America 56th Consecutive Constitutional Convention
MSHA Assistant Secretary Chris Williamson's Letter to the Mining Community
MSHA At A Glance
MSHA Awards $250,000 in 2018 Brookwood-Sago Grants
MSHA awards $8.4M in state grants in 47 states
MSHA Datasets
MSHA FOIA Information
MSHA FOIA Resources
MSHA Help Desk
MSHA Individual Identification Number (MIIN) Single Source Page
MSHA Information Quality Guidelines
MSHA is currently working on a number of rules. What are they?
MSHA launches compliance assistance initiative to address increased injuries, fatalities among less experienced coal miners
MSHA proposes rule to prevent crushing, pinning deaths and injuries
MSHA Qualifications and Certifications Information
MSHA Regulations on Conveyor Systems
MSHA responds to favorable Court of Appeals ruling on coal dust rule
MSHA Screening Shows – For Third Straight Year – No Mines Eligible for a Pattern of Violations Notice
MSHA Seeks Data on Technologies To Improve Safety Conditions for America’s Miners
MSHA Social Media Toolkit
MSHA Technical Information Center and Library
MSHA Training Videos
MSHA Twitter
MSHA Videos
MSHA's Email Notifications Subscription Page
MSHA’s Enhanced Enforcement Program
My company provides mapping and surveying work for mining operations. Do we need training as defined in 30 CFR Part 46 Training?